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Yujae Special
‘YUJAE SPECIAL’ is a new special lecture series organized by People for Earth scheduled
on an occasional basis.
Previous Lectures
  • [8th Yujae Special Lecture] Choi Moon-soon, 'Beyond Democracy, Establishing the 7th Republic' (Jun. 23, 2022) On June 23rd, Choi Moon-soon, Governor of Gangwon Province was invited to the 8th Yujae Special Lecture. Choi Moon-soon served as the president of MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) and a member of the National Assembly and served as the governor ... 2022/07/11
  • [5th Yujae Special Lecture] Tsuji Shinichi, 'Slow, Small, Simple and Short' Lifestyle (Nov. 02, 2019) People for Earth invited Professor Shinichi Tsuji, the author of "Slow Life: the philosophy of slowness and the way of coexistence for ecological life" to speak at the fifth Yujae Special with the theme of "Slow-Life, Slow Philosophy and the Way of C... 2020/11/04
  • [Fourth Yujae Special Lecture] by Mr. Chang-dong Lee (June 11, 2019) The fourth Yujae Special Lecture held on June 11th was given by a movie director, Chang-dong Lee with the title of “Burning, the World with Full of Ambiguity”. “Burning (2018)” directed, produced and co-written by Chang-dong Lee is a film about three young people living independent lives. In the film, the director described the ambiguity and boundlessness of the present world through metaphor and symbolism. The audience and the director discussed the ambiguity and boundlessness of the world as well as the chaotic world we live in. Based on the short story "Barn Burning" from The Elephant Vanishes by author Haruki Murakami, the audience shared their own way of interpretation between the film and the original novel. 2019/08/09
  • [Second Yujae Special Lecture] by Dr. Armando Antonio De Negri Filho (February 26, 2019) People for Earth’s second Yujae Special lecture by Dr. Armando Antonio De Negri Filho was held at 7PM on February 26, 2019 at its new office Yujae. Dr. Negri Filho is a medical doctor from Brazil. In his lecture, he talked about Buen vivir(Sumak Kawsay the Good way of Living) - how it is applied to production and consumption and how social and environmental justice can be achieved within sustainable development. Ko-eun Kim, Arirang TV translated the lecture. 2019/03/31