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People for Earth Forum hosts conferences for the purpose of introducing
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  • Climate Change Colloquium 2022 - 6th Climate Change Colloquium 2022 - 6th'How Generation Z is Changing Climate Politics?’- Sophie Handford, New Zealand's youngest councilorOn May 27, the 6th Climate Change Colloquium 2022 was held in Yujae, Jongno-gu, Seoul.The Climate Change Colloqui... 2022/06/13
  • Climate Change Colloquium 2022 - 5th Climate Change Colloquium 2022 - 5thUnder the Sky We Make: How to Be Human in a Warming World- Kimberly Nicholas, Lund University, SwedenOn March 30, the 5th Climate Change Colloquium was held in Yujae, Jongno-gu, Seoul. The Climate Change Colloquium... 2022/04/11
  • People for Earth’s 6th Anniversary Conference 2021 The world is locked in a long-term pandemic and is taking a step towards carbon reduction after the “Glasgow Climate Pact.” People for Earth had a time to connect Earth Jurisprudence with the topics of Korean society through the 6th Anniversary C... 2022/01/28
  • Climate Change Colloquium 2021 - 3rd Climate Change Colloquium 2021 - 3rdEnergy transformation pathways towards climate neutrality- Gunnar Luderer, Potsdam Institute for Climate ImpactLimiting Global Warming to well-below 2°C or 1.5°C - as agreed in the Paris Climate Agreement - requi... 2021/04/28
  • Climate Change Colloquium 2021 - 2nd Climate Change Colloquium 2021 - 2ndCascading interactions between climate and social tipping elements in the Anthropocene Earth system: Risks and Opportunities)- Dr.Jonathan Donges, Potsdam Institute for Climate ImpactTipping elements in the Earth'... 2021/04/28
  • Climate Change Colloquium 2021 - 1st 1st Climate Change Colloquium 2021 by Seoul Institute & People for Earth (2021.1.19.) ㅣ Our Planet, Our Future - Strategies to Navigate the Anthropocene The Climate Change Colloquium was launched on January 19th, 2021, hosted by Seoul Institute ... 2021/01/27
  • PLZ Forum for Ecozoic Era 2020 (DAY3) [DAY 3] Special Session, Session 7---------------------------〈Special Session by RCCZ〉 Solidarity, Assembly and Governance: The Peace Process in Contact Zones of East Asia Moderator : Yong Ku Cha (Professor, Chung-Ang University) Kyoung... 2021/01/23
  • PLZ Forum for Ecozoic Era 2020 (DAY2) [DAY2] Session 3, 4, 5, 6〈Session 3〉 Diverse Approaches to Harmony with Nature in the Context of Peace Making in Borderlands Moderator : Dunja Krause (Research Officer, UNRISD) Maria Sanchez (Coordinator, UN Harmony with Nature Program... 2021/01/23
  • PLZ Forum for Ecozoic Era 2020 (DAY1) 〈PLZ Forum for Ecozoic Era 2020〉Development, Environment and Peace Nexus (DEEPEN): Peace Making in BorderlandsDate : December 3~5 (Thu~Sat), 2020 Host : Gangwon-do, Cheorwon-gun Organizer : PLZ FestivalPartnership : UNRISD, People for EarthParticipa... 2021/01/23
  • People for Earth’s 5th Anniversary Conference 2020 - Without Life, Where is the Future? People for Earth’s Fifth Anniversary Conference 2020Without Life, Where is the Future?Host : People for Earth Foundation, Korean Thomas Berry AssociationDAY 1 l Online Special Speech - “Human Being and Life” John B. Cobb Jr. (Professor Emeritus of ... 2020/10/29