People For Earth

Our Goal
In Pursuit of an Ecozoic Culture for the
co-existence of all beings on Earth

Our planet Earth is an exquisite creation that started some 13.8 billion years ago and we, the human race cannot exist apart from it. Our past has been a process of evolving from Earth’s life system and we are still walking that path. It is our responsibility to remember our origin, view our place in the cosmos as the context, and contemplate the future of our civilization.
We are at the last phase of industrial civilization, and our quality of life is being threatened at the very foundation by environmental destruction and climate change. We have not been able to solve poverty and polarization of wealth despite the great industrial and commercial progress that has come with modernization.

In particular, our society has gone through rapid growth which has resulted in the domination of growth-centered values and loss of humanist values in culture and social systems. Faced with such adversities, only holistic and civilization-scale approaches can result in establishing of the right vision and future plans. People For Earth Forum questions the past, the present and the future of human existence and seeks a new paradigm in which the present and the future can co-exist. Living in an age in which some 70 species disappear in a day, our aim is to bring attention to the grave changes that we have brought on to ourselves, promote earth-centered and life-celebrating mindset and search for integral ecological directives that enable people and the earth to co-exist.

People for Earth is an intellectual community for the purpose of academic pursuit and education. It aims to contribute to establishing an ecozoic cosmology and governance, and sharing a new culture of life. As an open community, People For Earth Forum relies on voluntary participation, passion and dedication of its members for operation.

‘Dream Drives Action!’

Kiwon Song