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International Conference for Ecozoic Culture 2018 - Session Three "Our Efforts for Systematic Transition of Civilization"
  • 2019-01-22
  • 280

The Session Three on the second day of the conference, hosted by Wang-Bae Kim, consisted of special talks by David Korten and Tiejun Wen. Korten, director of the Living Economics Forum, gave a talk under the theme of “Transition to an Ecological Civilization: Systems for a Living Earth”. Korten said that a society that pursues only money cannot create the real value and pointed out that the challenges we are facing now are the consumption of the Earth beyond life-sustaining levels, the increase in extreme inequalities, the increase in dependence on life-destruction technologies, the increase in corporate control over government and public policy, and the increasing loss of institutional legitimacy. Emphasizing that a living being can only live in a community, he said human creativity should be used to restore nature and the community and it is time for the world where all creatures live harmoniously. In order to do so, he suggested an ecological civilization based community where human and nature communicate, the material burden is minimum, and members share material abundance and improve nature regeneration. He also added that instead of GDP, the current economic indicator, the recovery and progress of relationships should be our life quality indicator. He concluded his talk with the message that it’s time for human beings to commit and make an effort to transform into ecological civilization as a social system. 

According to Tiejun Wen, professor of Renmin University of China, a new era called ecological civilization has come. Wen’s special talk under the theme of Eco-civilization in China When Facing the Global Crisis started with how China has entered the path of transition from the capitalism to human-focused ecological civilization in the process of overcoming the financial crisis in the past 20 years. Wen said that a big change can emerge in the Korean Peninsula and if the two Koreas are unified, this change can create ecological civilization zones that connect Asia and Europe. Wen explained that China has declared that it will move toward ecological civilization and they realize that the change must be pursued step by step and this transition process takes long time. Last he added that it is time for self-reflection to make transition from the westernized consumption style to oriental and environment-friendly one.