People For Earth


People for Earth creates cultural and artistic endeavors to actualize an ecological lifestyle. Through encounters and expressions in diverse art forms such as theater, poetry, music, cinema, dance, and design, we hope to reawaken our life sensibility and embody the original form of life. Art for Earth offers a chance to re-evaluate the relationship between humans and the earth through a new type of narrative and redefines and creates ecological art through a variety of art creation initiatives.

2023 Movie Night with Hiking Heroes
  • 2023-11-03
  • 150


On July 29, we held a 'Movie night' event with Hiking Heroes, a youth environmental action group. On this day, a "Special Lecture on Climate" was organized for the Hiking Heroes by Executive Director, Kumsil Kang and they watched the movie "My Octopus Teacher". "My Octopus Teacher" tells the story of documentary filmmaker Craig Foster's extraordinary encounter with an octopus while swimming in the marine forests of South Africa. It was a meaningful time for different generations to come together in one space and share a special connection with non-human beings. 



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