People For Earth


People for Earth creates cultural and artistic endeavors to actualize an ecological lifestyle. Through encounters and expressions in diverse art forms such as theater, poetry, music, cinema, dance, and design, we hope to reawaken our life sensibility and embody the original form of life. Art for Earth offers a chance to re-evaluate the relationship between humans and the earth through a new type of narrative and redefines and creates ecological art through a variety of art creation initiatives.

2022 The 2nd Regular Performance of the People for Earth 〈While Remembering〉
  • 2022-04-25
  • 342

To celebrate Earth Day 2022, People for Earth performed a creative play “While Remembering” (Written by Im HoKyoung, Directed by Kang YoungDuk). This work is the second work of 'Earth Eye', which moves forward with the story of the ‘Earth’ and ‘People’ and is about 'Extinction'.


It was planned from the thought of how to remember Earth Day from the memory of the life dimension, and was performed at Yujae, Jongno-gu, Seoul on April 16th, and April 23rd.


“While Remembering” is a story about remembering beings that have already disappeared, disappearing beings, and beings that cannot disappear from our side. It is a work where you can comfort the already extinct beings, summoning them into a play by composition of traditional Korean ritual.