People For Earth


People for Earth creates cultural and artistic endeavors to actualize an ecological lifestyle. Through encounters and expressions in diverse art forms such as theater, poetry, music, cinema, dance, and design, we hope to reawaken our life sensibility and embody the original form of life. Art for Earth offers a chance to re-evaluate the relationship between humans and the earth through a new type of narrative and redefines and creates ecological art through a variety of art creation initiatives.

2021 The 1st Regular Performance of the People for Earth 〈Boat People〉
  • 2022-01-28
  • 436

People for Earth launched the Earth Eye Art platform last year and presented the first play Boat People from December 10th to 11th.


Boat People is set in the near-future, the earth, which is all submerged in water due to climate change and contains the story of the small choices of the characters.


Director YoungDuk Kang said, “I tried to capture the attitude toward our life surrounded by numerous ironies in this work.” He emphasized that all our small choices are in contact with our lives and even the fate of the earth.


This work, designed to explore the way of living in earth community, was produced in various compositions such as jazz performances, violin performances and sword dances. 


This is the first regular performance of the People for Earth based on their studies.

〈Boat people〉 Produced by People for Earth