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The 13th Newsletter from Yujae
  • 2022-04-29
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People for Earth NEWSLETTER No. 13 April 2022 People for Earth, an intellectual community in pursuit of an ecozoic culture, issues quarterly newsletters in January, April, July and October every year.
“Earth Jurisprudence and Latin American's Rights of Nature” From February 14 to February 16, “Earth Jurisprudence and Latin American's Rights of Nature” hosted by the Institute of Latin American Studies HK+ at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies was held in Partnership with UN Harmony with Nature Programme. This international conference is a large-scale event held under the themes of ‘Earth Jurisprudence’ and ‘Rights of Nature’. 183 scholars from 30 countries on 6 continents participated to explore an alternative worldview after COVID-19. People for Earth participated in the conference with a keynote speech “Beyond Modernity, Beyond Human” by Kang Kumsil and planned and conducted a session on “Earth Jurisprudence in Korea”. Kang Kumsil talked about the task of paradigm shift after COVID-19 and she emphasized that we must open our future in a direction in which all living things on Earth can coexist. The session of Earth Jurisprudence was hosted by Jung Hye Jin (People for Earth) and was conducted by Professor Kang Chung Hae (University of Seoul), “Dissemination of Earth Jurisprudence in Korea” and Professor Oh Dongsuk (Ajou University School of Law), “Earth Jurisprudence as solidarity of resistance(rights).” “Animals are not Objects - Civil Code Amendments in Korea” by Professor Choi Jeong Ho (Seoul National University Bigdata COSS) and “Interpreting vivir bien and earth jurisprudence in East Asian context” by the attorney, Kim Young Joon
Pyeongchang Peace Forum 2022 “DMZ Peace Zone and Green Détente” From February 22 to February 24, the Pyeongchang Peace Forum 2022 was held at the Pyeongchang Alpensia Convention Center, hosted by Gangwon-do, Pyeongchang-gun, and KOICA and organized by the PyeongChang 2018 Legacy Foundation.
At this forum held under the theme of 'Peace, here and now!', People for Earth planned and conducted a session “DMZ Peace Zone and Green Détente”. Under the armistice agreement, the DMZ on the military demarcation line under the jurisdiction of the United Nations has now been converted into a space occupied by animals and plants, and ecological peace preservation has been continuously discussed, but is on hold due to uncertain future issues. At a time when the climate crisis calls for ecological transformation not only between the two Koreas but also around the world, we look at the tasks we need to prepare in detail for the space preservation of the DMZ in connection with peace on the Korean Peninsula from the perspective of Green Détente. The session of “DMZ Peace Zone and Green Détente” was hosted by Professor Kim Wang-Bae (People for Earth Standing Chairperson, Yonsei University) and was conducted by Professor Ahn Byongjin (Global Academy for Future Civilizations, KyungHee University), “As a long-term basis for Green Détente, for a value theory basis” and Professor Costas M. Constantinou (University of Cyprus), “Ecological Diplomacy and Lateral Conservation: Learning from the UN Buffer Zone is Cyprus”. “Proposal of Green Détente” by Jeong Wook-sik (Chairperson of Peace Network) and “DMZ Peace Zone and Green Détente Legal Issues” by Lee Young-Joo (Attorney at Law Firm One Law Partners) were presented.
The 5th Climate Change Colloquium 2022 “Climate Change in the Lives of Citizens” - Kimberly Nicholas (Lund University, Sweden) On March 30, the 5th Climate Change Colloquium was held in Yujae, Jongno-gu, Seoul. The Climate Change Colloquium was designed to understand climate change and seek practical alternatives, and was co-hosted by People for Earth, Gyeonggi Research Institute and Energy Transition Forum Korea. Kimberly Nicholas (Lund University, Sweden) who attended as a speaker, emphasized the facts, emotions, and actions as key factors for overcoming the climate crisis. She suggested the importance of understanding the emotions in response to climate change, suggesting that climate action can begin from looking at reality as it is and facing precisely what can and cannot change. Ko Jaekyung (Gyeonggi Research Institute) who participated as a panelist on this day, is in charge of research on energy transition policy in the Gyeonggi region. She pointed out that although the level of people's awareness of problems has increased through the provision of climate change information, it is not connected to actual actions. Reporter Kim Hansol (Kyunghyang Shinmun) wrote a story about climate change in Korea in ?Witnesses of Climate Change?. She emphasized the interpretation of fact-to-fact context in climate change communication and continued the discussion on how people can accept climate change in their life. Jo Eun-byeol (BigWave for Climate Change) emphasized the need to participate in climate action with the mission of responding to the climate crisis for everyone. She suggested that climate action can be sustainable only if it starts with the social concerns that individuals have and suggested that each of them seek out areas such as vegetarianism, travel, and policy that they are interested in first.
2022 The Second Regular Performance “While Remembering” (April 16th, April 23rd) To celebrate Earth Day 2022, People for Earth performed a creative play “While Remembering” (Written by Im HoKyoung, Directed by Kang YoungDuk). This work is the second work of 'Earth Eye', which moves forward with the story of the ‘Earth’ and ‘People’ and is about 'Extinction'. It was planned from the thought of how to remember Earth Day from the memory of the life dimension, and was performed at Yujae, Jongno-gu, Seoul on April 16th, and April 23rd. “While Remembering” is a story about remembering beings that have already disappeared, disappearing beings, and beings that cannot disappear from our side. It is a work where you can comfort the already extinct beings, summoning them into a play by composition of traditional Korean ritual.
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