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The 12th Newsletter from Yujae
  • 2022-01-28
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People for Earth NEWSLETTER No. 12 January 2022 People for Earth, an intellectual community in pursuit of an ecozoic culture, issues quarterly newsletters in January, April, July and October every year.
Exhibition <UNFOLDING TEXT>From November 17th to 20th, the exhibition UNFOLDING TEXT was held in YUJAE to report the results of the artists participating in the 2021 Artist Support Project “Art Road.”In 2021, five artists from People for Earth read The Dream of the Earth - Thomas Berry, asking the question “How can art breathe life into the ecology movement?”Visitors to the exhibition keep their eyes on the works unfolded in various ways in YUJAE, and they also unfolded the sentences of The dream of the Earth, which were broken into 92 pieces. The last day of the exhibition, visitors talked with artists about their work through “Artist Talk.”
The First Regular Performance of the People for Earth <Boat People>People for Earth launched the Earth Eye Art platform last year and presented the first play Boat People from December 10th to 11th.Boat People is set in the near-future, the earth, which is all submerged in water due to limate hange and contains the story of the small choices of the characters.Director YoungDuk Kang said, “I tried to capture the attitude toward our life surrounded by numerous ironies in this work.” He emphasized that all our small choices are in contact with our lives and even the fate of the earth.This work, designed to explore the way of living in earth community, was produced in various compositions such as jazz performances, violin performances and sword dances. This is the first regular performance of the People for Earth based on their studies.
People for Earth’s 6th Anniversary Conference 2021 <Earth Jurisprudence and Korean Society: A New Page> The world is locked in a long-term pandemic and is taking a step towards carbon reduction after the “Glasgow Climate Pact.” People for Earth had a time to connect Earth Jurisprudence with he topics of Korean society through the 6th Anniversary Conference 2021. Day 1. <Beyond Human beings, Life, and Unfolding Future> (December 28, 2021)The first part of the conference Beyond Human beings, Life, and Unfolding Future opened with a keynote lecture by Wang-Bae Kim (Department of ociology, Yonsei University), Standing Chairperson of People for Earth. He presented the Zoe-Politics while explaining the earth jurisprudence in the post-human time.SungHwan Kim (member of the National Assembly), who was in charge of the presentation of the 1st session, looked at the scenarios of 050 Carbon Neutral Strategy in various fields.In the 2nd session, Hon-Gee Kim (Business leader of Big Data Innovation Sharing University Project) discussed the topic of “Centric University 4.0” and proposed “Data for Earth” and the value that can be created by sharing knowledge.The 3rd session was moderated by Ziyea Hyun (Dramaturgy). Wang-Bae Kim, KiWon Song (Department of Biochemistry, Yonsei University), and JeongWon Choi (Master of Public Administration, Yonsei University) exchanged opinions about the meaning of life through beings beyond humans.
Day 2. <Earth Law and Biocracy> (January 5, 2022)The 1st session of the second part Earth Law and Biocracy was moderated by Seonho Choe (Attorney at law). Taehyun Park (School of Law, Kangwon National University) asked a question about the necessity for harmony with the Earth under the theme f “Earth Jurisprudence for the Earth Community in the Anthropocene.”Dongsuk Oh (Ajou University Law School), introduced the “Rights of Nature” specified in the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador - “right to exist and to maintain and regenerate its vital cycles, structure, functions, and volutionary processes” and emphasized the reinterpretation of our constitution from Ecocentrism.  Jeongho Choi (Senior Researcher, Ph.D in Law) has summarized the issue of the Punitive Authority of State in response to the Rights of Nature in Earth Jurisprudence.Do-gyun Kim (Law School of Seoul ational University) and Attorney Hye-jin Jeong, who participated in the discussion, exchanged opinions on the current state of Earth Jurisprudence in Korea, and discussed the solutions to harmonize with the earth.In the 2nd session, Byongjin Ahn (Global Academy for Future Civilizations, KyungHee niversity) presented political ecology and a new social naturalism from a perspective beyond human beings.Researcher Junsoo Kim (Center for Anthropocene Studies at KAIST) presented the topic of “Disturbing Political Ecology” and talked about the materiality of non-human actors that could not be aptured with the previous concepts of territoriality and life security.Ji-hye Kim (Seoul National University Graduate School of Environmental Studies) presented a life entangled with marine debris. She talked about facing the fact that our lives are living with substances that cannot be easily eparated.Saerom Ahn (Environmental Education in the graduate school of Seoul National University) discussed the Politics of the Atmospheric Commons with a question “Is the atmosphere all of us?”Ye-ji Jang (The Hankyoreh) presented the political and economic characteristics of forest policy in orea nd how it affects forest ecosystems and village communities through the Slash and Burn project in the 1960s.Young-Shin Jung (Department of Sociology, Catholic University of Korea) and SoonYawl Park (Urban Regeneration Research Institute), who participated in the last discussion, had time to explore alternatives in new social, political, and ecological conditions that could no longer be captured by the dichotomous approach of society and nature, human and non-human, subject and object.
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