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The 11th Newsletter from Yujae
  • 2021-10-27
  • 836
People for Earth NEWSLETTER No. 11 October 2021 People for Earth, an intellectual community in pursuit of an ecozoic culture, issues quarterly newsletters in January, April, July and October every year.
JeongSeon Forum 2021, the Earth Session <Earth Together>>
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World Knowledge Forum 2021, "Vision for Earth, Future for Us"
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Kumsil Kang, chairperson of the board, published "Earth Community, Earth Law" [Earth Community, Earth Law] Part1 ‘Geological Time and the Climate Crisis’ [Earth Community, Earth Law] Part2 ‘SDGs, ESG and Environmental Rights’ [Earth Community, Earth Law] Part3 ‘Future Generation and Rights of Nature’ [Earth Community, Earth Law] Part4 ‘Our task, Our Future’
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