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To establish an ecological worldview and global governance,
you may explore a variety of scholarly materials, trends, and institutional data.
  • 2017 Article & Speech Legal Personality of Natural Features: Recent International Developments This student research memo discusses recent international developments that grant legal personality and related rights to natural features, including water bodies, related natural features, and sacred water beings. Part II of this memo discusses... 2023/08/03
  • 2022 Report Global trends in climate change litigation 2022 This is the fourth annual report of the Global Trends in Climate Litigation series by the Grantham Research Institute, covering the period from May 2021 to May 2022. The primary source for the report is the Climate Change Laws of the World (CCLW) dat... 2023/07/27
  • 2022 Report 15th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) Kunming-Montreal Global biodiversity framework(GBF) adopted by COP15and Draft decision submitted by the President 2023/07/24
  • 2015 Report UN Sustainable Development Goals * The term "Sustainable Development(SD)" first appeared in the report "Our Common Future," presented by the World Commission on Environment and Development(WCED) in 1987. It was defined as "development that meets the needs of the present without comp... 2023/07/22
  • 2023 [News Clipping] The Anthropocene: Canadian lake mud 'symbolic of human changes to Earth' (BBC, July 12, 2023) Crawford Lake, a small body of water in Ontario, Canada, is being put forward as the location that best records humanity's impacts on Earth."Those annual layers record fossil fuel combustion products, plutonium, changes in geochemistry, changes in m... 2023/07/12
  • 2022 Report [IPCC] 6th Assessment Report The IPCC is now in its sixth assessment cycle, in which the IPCC is producing the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) with contributions by its three Working Groups and a Synthesis Report, three Special Reports, and a refinement to its latest Methodology R... 2022/07/28
  • 2020 Report Reports of the Secretary-General on Harmony with Nature 2020 (Supplement) This special Supplement complements the Report on Harmony with Nature(A/75/266). The Supplement includes over 170 inspiring range of cases and developments in Earth Jurisprudence, advances in law and policy, and initiatives in both formal and informa... 2022/06/21
  • 2017 Report Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration The first responsibility of a government is to safeguard the people and their future well-being.The ability to do this is threatened by climate change, whose accelerating impacts will also drive political instability and conflict, posing large negati... 2022/03/31
  • 2020 Article & Speech Towards an EU Charter of the Fundamental Rights of Nature This study aims to set a framework for the legal recognition of the Rights of Nature in the EU legal order, as a prerequisite for a different and improved relationship between human beings and Nature. This aim should be possibly accomplished through ... 2021/10/05
  • 2019 UN General Assembly Interactive Dialogues on Harmony with Nature 2019 (Videos) The two videos below show the Eighth Interactive Dialogue on Harmony with Nature during the commemoration of International Mother Earth Day on 22 of April 2019 under the theme of “Mother Earth approach in the implementation of Education and Climate C... 2019/06/14