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Culture of Life Society aims to provide cultural experiences for the celebration of life by all. By sharing experiences and knowledge about various subjects that celebrate and promote life, people find beauty in life, nature, and our world. When people see the beauty of harmony and realize the value of not only human existence but the bigger picture that we exist in, it can bring changes in the way we view the world and the way our society interacts with nature. In Culture of Life Society, discussions focus on how culture can contribute to the celebration of life and harmonious existence with nature, and members hold events on various interests and fields.

2021 Exhibition 〈UNFOLDING TEXT〉
  • 2022-01-28
  • 531

From November 17th to 20th, the exhibition UNFOLDING TEXT was held in YUJAE to report the results of the artists participating in the 2021 Artist Support Project “Art Road.”


In 2021, five artists from People for Earth read The Dream of the Earth - Thomas Berry, asking the question “How can art breathe life into the ecology movement?”


Visitors to the exhibition keep their eyes on the works unfolded in various ways in YUJAE, and they also unfolded the sentences of The dream of the Earth, which were broken into 92 pieces. The last day of the exhibition, visitors talked with artists about their work through “Artist Talk.”

Eunyoung Baek 〈willow〉

The artist draws a willow tree while taking a walk in the park and puts it on paper. The tree is not an image of a natural landscape, but a single object, with full attention and time, looking and feeling.

Jayoung Yoon 〈Reading with a bending back〉

The thoughts evoked by plants pass through the human body and memory, creating an opportunity for us to reconsider our point of view as a creator within the ecosystem.


By turning her back to the moment she met a plant at the foot, she transforms it into a reading, and unfolds the thoughts of a human being and a person who makes something.

Yuri Lee 〈Reading Fungus〉

In the process of creating works that connect nature and artificiality, she explored the boundaries. The mold came to a special existence, such as the excellent intelligence of fungi, and the role they play in the cycle of nature.

A cycle that is renewed by returning to its original place is also found in the process of art. In this text game, the artist's work is compared to the work of a mold. Ecology and art have in common that they are circular motions.

Yunsun Jung 〈Y: Story of the Tidal Flat〉

In Korea's tidal flats, clam farms are being destroyed due to the hyperplasia of mud shrimp (Upogebia major). Based on this incident, it is a fictional text recreated with the imagination of the author.


Since the present land and sea were formed 8,000 years ago, tidal flats have existed between these two giant worlds. Tidal flat is an earth process and a life itself.

Ziyea Hyun 〈Knotting & Passing〉

She copied the book The Dream of the Earth - Thomas Berry. It was shattered into 92 pieces of sentences by typing full loneliness.

She shared the piece by piece with people. Cut, roll, tie and hand over.

〈Artist Talk〉