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Culture of Life Society aims to provide cultural experiences for the celebration of life by all. By sharing experiences and knowledge about various subjects that celebrate and promote life, people find beauty in life, nature, and our world. When people see the beauty of harmony and realize the value of not only human existence but the bigger picture that we exist in, it can bring changes in the way we view the world and the way our society interacts with nature. In Culture of Life Society, discussions focus on how culture can contribute to the celebration of life and harmonious existence with nature, and members hold events on various interests and fields.

  • 2020 Daegwallyeong Ecological Tour Professor Kong, Woo Seok and fourteen members were following the scent of a mountain breeze of Daegwallyeong. Starting from the Daegwallyeong sheep farm, we trekked Seonja-ryeong, which has been transformed into a special reforestation area from a de... 2020/11/06
  • Poetry Appreciation Program 2019 (May 2nd) People for Earth’s second Poetry Appreciation Program of Eco-culture Lecture Series started in May 2nd at Yujae. There are a total of 10 sessions until the month of December focusing on writing poems with the two well-known poets, Eun Cho and Hye-gye... 2019/05/28
  • ‘Happy Earth Day to You’ - Event to Commemorate Earth Day (April 20) <th width= People for Earth held an event named “Happy Earth Day to You!” at Yujae on Saturday, April 20, 2019. The event commemorated the 10th International Mother Earth Day and People for Earth’s members and their guests gathered to spend some quality time. ‘... 2019/05/28
  • Poetry Appreciation Program 2018 (May 24th) People for Earth started Poetry Appreciation Program as a part of Eco-culture Lecture Series in May 24th. The program is aimed at awakening our sensitivity and encouraging appreciation of the world that we live in. Three well-known poets, Eun Cho, Je... 2018/07/08
  • Earth Day 2018 - Songam Space Center In the first year, People for Earth Forum celebrated Earth Day with the launching event of the Korean translation of "Wild Law." In the second year, the Forum held a tree-planting event at the National Arboretum. This year, the Forum members visited... 2018/07/08
  • Forum Auction Day - Share, Swap, Reuse! On September 16, 2017, Forum Auction Day was held at Cafe Diamantino in Apgujeong, Seoul. Some seventy members, families and friends participated in this merry event to share foods and goods. People brought in things from home that had fallen out of ... 2018/07/08
  • Green Concert 2017 at DMZ Botanical Garden Music for One Foundation held Green Concert 2017 on the 10th and the 11th of June at Seoul Opera House and the DMZ Botanical Garden in Yanggu. People for Earth Forum sponsored the event and many members of Eco-culture Society attended the two-day eve... 2018/07/08