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People for Earth continues to convey a message so that the DMZ can be reborn as a community of life that coexists with non-humans as a nexus for peace, the environment, and sustainable development.
JeongSeon Forum 2020: Sustainable Earth and Balanced Human Life
  • 2020-10-29
  • 1061

JeongSeon Forum 2020, hosted by the Gangwon Provincial Government and Gangwon Convention & Visitors Bureau, will serve as a venue where the international community and its global citizens discuss the Earth and human beings’ coexistence, under the theme of “Sustainable Earth and Balanced Human Life.” People for Earth participated in the opening performance, the Plenary session, and the Earth session.

On the first day, August 20, the opening ceremony began with 'Inter-Connection and Harmony' by People for Earth. The performance shows the life of an earth community that is hurt and dying by humans, the cycle of life, birth and death, and the hope of life that blooms again beyond the time of death. Kumsil Kang, who was chairwoman of the Jeongseon Forum 2020, conducted as a moderator for the Plenary session, 'The future of the earth and humanity after the global pandemic'. There was an in-depth discussion about the global crisis due to COVID19.

On the second day, August 21, the Earth session 'Harmony with Nature' by People for Earth, Chung Hae Kang (Professor, Graduate School of Law, Seoul City University), Taehyun Park (Professor, Graduate School of Law, Kangwon National University), Hyejin Jung (Head of Earth Jurisprudence Center, People for Earth) District Law Center), Jared Diamond, Helena Norberg-Hodge, and Michael Reiterer, EU Ambassador, participated as speakers. 

Diamond emphasized climate change, imbalance of resources, and the gap between the rich and the poor as the three factors that hinder humans' sustainable life. He suggested a new transformation from this pandemic situation. Helena Norberg-Hodge emphasized Human Scale Localization. Taehyun Park and Hyejin Jung addressed the concept of harmony with nature as a balance between human interests and the well-being of the natural ecosystem. 

JeongSeon Forum 2020 Opening Ceremony, 'Inter-Connection and Harmony' by People for Earth

Opening Performance : Youngduk Kang, Actor / Solji Kim, Percussionist / MUKHIDDINOVA NILUFAR, Violinist / Jiyeon Bang, Recorder / Minah Oak, Writer / Soyeon Park, Music director / Beommu Kim, Video director / Ilsoo Jang, Stage manager

DAY 1- Plenary Session, 'The future of the earth and humanity after the global pandemic'


DAY 2 - Earth session 'Harmony with Nature' by People for Earth