• Kumsil KANG Executive Director
    The 55th Minister of Justice of Korea
    CEO of One Law Partners
  • Chung Hae Kang Director, Earth Jurisprudence Center
    Professor, University of Seoul
    Non-standing Commissioner, Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission of Korea
    Non-standing Commissioner, National Environmental Dispute Resolution Commission
  • Ko-eun Kim International Cooperation Manager
    Arirang TV Reporter &Program Auditor 
    International Event MC
  • Young Hwan Kim Auditor
    Auditor of Institute for Green Transition
  • Heon Tae Kim Auditor
    CEO of Masses Consulting
    Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Doctor of Mass Media
  • Hong-Gee Kim Director of Education
    Biomedical Knowledge Engineering Laboratory, Seoul National University
  • Siwon Park Director of Center for Climate Change Law
    Assistant Professor, School of Law,
    Kangwon National University
    Former Legal Advisor to the Korean Delegation to UN Climate Change Negotiations
  • Taehyun Park Director of Academic Society on Earth Jurisprudence
    Professor, School of Law, Kangwon National University
    Deputy Director of Environmental Law Center at Korean Federation For Environmental Movements
  • Kiwon Song Director of Academic Society on Visions of Ecozoic Era
    Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry, Yonsei University
    Professor, Underwood International College, Science Technology and Policy Major
    Ph. D. Cornell University, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
  • Byung Jin Ahn Director of Planning
    Designer of Forum’s Organization
    Vice-President, Kyung Hee Cyber University
    The New School University, Doctor of Politics
  • Jiyong Yang Director of Administration
    Former Representative for Human Rights for Sexual Minorities Alliance
    CEO of INDNP
  • Hyelim Yang Earth Jurisprudence Center Coordinator
    Education Specialist in Program Designing and Managing
    M.Ed George Mason University (DC Metro Area, US)
  • Mijung Im Director of Eco-culture Society
    Executive Director, Music for One Foundation
    Professor, Hansei University
  • Minjin Jeon Manager of Administration
    Head of Contents Studio JUL
  • Hyejin Jung Director, Earth Jurisprudence Center
    Attorney at Law
    Researcher, Seoul High Court
    Journalist, Yeongnamilbo
  • Seonho Choe Co-ordinator of Thomas Berry Lecture Series
    Seoul Archdiocese of the Catholic Church, Eco-Catholic Committee
    Attorney at law, Seonhoe Choe Law Office
  • Eunsoon Choi Managing Director
    LL. D. in Civil Law from Korea University
    Attorney at Law (Managing Law Office Dike)
  • David Korten Special Advisor
    Founder and president of the Living Economies Forum
    A notable member of the Club of Rome
    MBA and PhD at Stanford University Graduate School of Business
  • Ik-Soo Kim Advisor
    Chief Editing Officer, The Hwangyung Ilbo(Environment News)
    Advisory Member of Green Technology Center(GTC)
  • Kyoo Lee Advisor
    Professor of Philosophy, City University of New York
    Co-editor, philo SOPHIA: Journal of transContinental Feminism (SUNY Press)
    Senior Faculty Fellow, KIAS (Korea Institute for Advanced Studies), KOREA
  • Gunna Jung Advisor
    Professor, Hanshin University
    Ph.D in Economics, Seoul National University
    Director, EcoCiv Korea